Multiple Family Group Therapy

With Chemically Dependent and

Other At-Risk Families


1994 By Lewis N. Foster


TRAINEE NEEDS:                                                TRAINING PLAN:

 To understand the role of                                    See, Orientation Questions the

the trainer and develop                                       Trainee Needs to Ask the Teacher,

a plan of supervision.                                           and discuss with the trainer.


An introduction to the                                        Read about and discuss the history

history and evolution                                         of MFGT with the trainer, and

of MFGT, to include the                                    attend a two day workshop on the

H. Peter Laqueur Model &                                H. Peter Laqueur Model of MFGT.

MFGT Social Workers at                                 Read, Developing Your MFGT Style,

Children's Homes.                                              and The Makings of a MFGT Program,

                                                                              and watch videos.

                                                                                MFGT by Alicia M. Homrich and Arthur M. Horne


A theoretical frame for                                    Attend a least a two day workshop

MFGT with chemically                                    with Lewis N. Foster, who developed

dependent and other high                               this model.  Read, Treating

stress or at-risk                                               Chemically Dependent Families by

families.                                                             John T. Edwards, PhD, a Johnson

                                                                           Institute Book.


Exposure to the George H.                           Watch the video tape, The George H.

Orvin, MD, Model of                                      Orvin Model of Adolescent MFGT.

Adolescent Psychiatry and                           MFGTRC, Florence, SC, 1994.

its use in MFGT.                                             Review, Determining Responsibilit-

                                                                          ies (A device for deciding individ-

                                                                          ual responsibility with

                                                                          adolescents.), by, Foster, Kahn and


                                                                           Primary Themes and Reframes in MFTG's with Substance-Abusing Adolescents

                                                                            By Gary Sauls and Stephanie Bouis, Duke Addictions Program


To understand the role of                             Read, Role of the Therapist in

the therapist in MFGT.                                  MFGT, by Lewis N. Foster.

                                                                           Read, The Art of Counseling, by

                                                                           Rollo May, Gardner Press, NY, 1989.


Exposure to family systems                          Study, The Self in the System, by

concepts as they relate to                              Michael P. Nichols, Brunner/Mazel,

MFGT.                                                                NY, 1987, and Family Systems

                                                                             Points.  Review with the trainer.

                                                                            A Systems Approach To MFT, by

                                                                            Helen E. Durkin, PhD


A framework for assessing                              Review: Assessing Families For

families for MFGT.                                            MFGT; Assessing The Family Dance;

                                                                              and the MFGT Diagnostic Interview

                                                                              Outline, by Lewis N. Foster, and

                                                                              discuss with trainer.

                                                                              Read, Dancing with the Family, by

                                                                              Carl A. Whitaker and William M.

                                                                              Bumberry, Brunner/Mazel, 1988.


To understand traits                                       Review, Common Traits of

of emotionally healthy                                   Emotionally Healthy Families

families.                                                            and discuss with supervisor or

                                                                           trainer.  Read, Normal

                                                                           Family Process, edited by, Froma

                                                                           Walsh, PhD, Guilford Press, 1982.

                                                                            Read the article:  Our Love Is The Best We Have To Offer


An understanding of human                        Expose self to theories of

growth and development.                            human growth and development by

                                                                          Sigmund Freud, Jean Piaget,

                                                                          Erick Erickson, and John Bradshaw.

                                                                          Review the chart, Human Growth and



To know why MFGT works with              Study, Why Does MFGT Work With

specific populations.                                       (high stress) Chemically Dependent

                                                                           Families and discuss with trainer.

                                                                            Families Helping Families: MFGT

                                                                            with Substance-Abusing Adolescents.


To know what to say to get                        Read, Getting Families Into Treat-

families into MFGT.                                      ment: A Simulated Conversation

                                                                          and discuss with your trainer.


 To understand the role of                          Attend family psychoeducation

psychoeducation in MFGT.                       classes to learn the content and

                                                                       observe the presenters.

                                                                       Read, A Family Education Program

                                                                       For Chemically Dependent Families,

                                                                      and watch the video tapes



The experience of leading                        Present one lecture live until

a psychoeducational class.                      all lectures have been presented.

                                                                      Read lectures, Helping Families and

                                                                      Counselors Learn or Relearn Intimacy

                                                                      & Helping families and Counselor's

                                                                      Manage Conflict Creatively.

                                                                      Present each with your trainer



To lead the family program                    Lead a psychoeducational program

psychoeducational class(s).                    with the supervisor present.


To observe MFGT.                                   Observe twelve hours of MFGT

                                                                      from an observation room, as

                                                                     co-leader, or videotaped sessions,

                                                                     and process with the leader and



To co-lead MFGT sessions.                    Co-lead 12 MFGT sessions with an

                                                                     assigned therapist or trainer

                                                                    and process after each session.


To observe and demonstrate                 Use the MFGT Evaluation & Session

specific techniques and a                         Guide while observing the following

sampling of questions used                      techniques.  Always process and

in the stages of a MFGT                          discuss and document with the

session;                                                       trainer.  Observe, role-play, &

                                                                     use techniques in a MFGT session.

                                                                     Read, Family Therapy Techniques, by

                                                                     Salvador Minuchin and H. Charles

                                                                     Fishman, Harvard University Press,

                                                                     Massachusetts, 1981.

                                                                     Read, Handbook of Structured

                                                                     Techniques in Marriage and Family

                                                                    Therapy, by Robert Sherman & Norman

                                                                    Fredman, Brunner/Mazel, NY, 1986.

                                                                    Discuss with trainer.


  a. Social/Joining Stage                        Read, Ideas for the Social Stage of

                                                                   MFGT, by Lewis N. Foster. Watch the video, A Client Orientation to

                                                                  Group Psychotherapy, by Ivan Elder,  PhD.  Lead this stage in a live

                                                                  MFGT session.


  b. Problem Definition                          Read & use,  Questions for the

     Stage                                                  Problem Definition Stage of MFGT,

                                                                 and Assessing the Family Dance.

                                                                 Direct this stage in a live

                                                                  MFGT session.


  c. Interaction Stage                           Read and use, Ideas for the

                                                                 Interaction Stage of MFGT.

                                                                 Pilot this stage in a live

                                                                MFGT session.


  d. Closing/Contracting                     Read and use, Ideas for the

     Stage                                                Closing or "Contracting" Stage

                                                                of MFGT.  Guide this stage in a

                                                                MFGT session.


  e. Fish-bowl                                        Use during interaction stage.

                                                                Fish-bowl moms, dads, IP's, etc.

                                                                Read the Fish-bowl example in A

                                                               Theoretical Frame for MFGT.


  f. Role modeling                                 Read the example in the Theoretical

                                                                Frame mentioned above.  Read,

                                                               A Primer of Group Psychotherapy, by

                                                               Ray Naar, PhD, Human Sciences

                                                               Press, NY, 1982, pp 78-90.


  g. Gestalt exercises                           Read the example of a Gestalt

                                                               exercise in the Theoretical Frame

                                                               mentioned above.

                                                               Read, Gestalt Therapy Verbatim, by

                                                               Frederick S. Pearls, MD, PhD, Bantam

                                                               Books, NY, 1980.


  h. Yes-No exercise                           Read the example in the Theoretical

                                                               Frame mentioned above, and watch

                                                              the video of H. Peter Laqueur lead-

                                                              ing a MFTG.


  i. Back-to-back exercise                Read the example in the Theoretical

                                                             Frame mentioned above, and watch

                                                             the video of H. Peter Laqueur lead-

                                                             ing a MFTG.


  j. Holding hands exercise               Read the example in the Theoretical

                                                             Frame mentioned above, and watch

                                                             the video of H. Peter Laqueur lead-

                                                             ing a MFTG.


  k. Pointing out                                Read the example in the Theoretical

     commonalities                             Frame mentioned above. 


  l. Audience participation               Read the example in the Theoretical

                                                             Frame mentioned above.


  m. Family sculpture                       Read, Family Reconstruction: Long

                                                             Day's Journey Into Light, by

                                                             William F. Nerin, W.W. Norton, 1986


  n. Reframing/Relabeling               Review Reframing and Relabeling in

                                                            Treating Chemically Dependent

                                                            Families, by John T. Edwards, PhD.


  o. Cutting the apron                      Read the example in the Theoretical

     string & separation                    Frame mentioned above.

     papers exercises


  p. Drama triangle exercise          Read the example in the Theoretical

                                                           Frame mentioned above and watch a

                                                           demonstration when possible.


q. Homework                                     Read the, Closing and/or

                                                             "Contracting" Stage of a MFTG.

                                                             Begin making a list of homework

                                                             assigned by other MFGT therapists

                                                              which you observe.


  r. Relapse Management                 Read the article, Relapse

                                                             Management: A Treatment

                                                             Perspective, and review the

                                                            chart, Your Choice: Relapse or

                                                            Recovery.  Review the book,

                                                            Relapse Prevention

                                                            by, G. Alan Marlatt, PhD, and

                                                           Judith R. Gordon, PhD, Gilford

                                                           Press, NY, 1985.

                                                            Read MFGT and Relapse,

                                                            and Relapse Is The Manifestation of Denial.

                                                            Review: A Daily Meditation Exercise


s. Personality Assessment           Learn how to use the "Villages

                                                           Exercise" by John & Pat O'Neil 1987,

                                                            of Creative Assistance International, Austin, Texas,

                                                            and Personality  Adaptations:

                                                            Ron Johnson, PhD & Larry Wiseburn, MSW.


To know how to respond to     Read, Removing the Roadblocks:

and treat specific cases            Group Psychotherapy with Substance

in MFGT:                                         Abusers and Family Members, by

                                                            Marsha Vannicelli, PhD, Guilford

                                                            Press, NY, 1992.


 a. chemical, food, and                    Read, Pathological Gambling:

     process addictions;                    Conceptual, Diagnostic, and

                                                            Treatment Issues, by Martin

                                                           C. McGurrin, PhD, Professional

                                                            Resource Press, FL, 1992.

                                                            Gambling Another Addiction Tragedy by Werner Krueger

                                                            Read, Certifiably Bulimic, by

                                                           Susan L. Merkel, Distinctive

                                                          Publishing Corp, FL, 1992.

                                                          Watch the video tape on,

                                                          Perceptual Adjustment Therapy

                                                          in MFTG's, with Jim Holder, MA,

                                                          available at the MFGT Resource Center.


  b. family violence                         Read, Battered Women and their

                                                          Families: Intervention Strategies

                                                          and Treatment Programs, by Albert

                                                          R. Roberts, DSW, Springer

                                                         Publishing Company, NY, 1984.


  c. incest                                         Read, For Each Other: Sharing

                                                         Sexual Intimacy, by, Lonnie

                                                         Barbach, PhD, Signet Books, NY,

                                                         1982.  Identify other resources.


  d. depression                               Read, Ordeal Therapy: Unusual Ways

                                                         to Change Behavior, by Jay Haley,

                                                          Jossey-Bass, CA, 1984, pp 60-80.

                                                         Read, Coping with Depression, by

                                                         Sharon Carter and Lawrence Clayton,

                                                         PhD, Rosen Publishing Group, NY,



  e. behavior problems                Read, Go Ahead - Kill Yourself!

                                                        Save Your Family The Trouble

                                                        Paradoxical Therapy with Families

                                                        by, Tom M. Saunders, PhD,

                                                       Distinctive Publishing Corp, 1990

                                                      Read, Behavior and Cancer, by

                                                      Sandra M. Levy, PhD, Jossey-Bass

                                                     Publshers, CA, 1985.


  g. geriatrics                              Attend the workshop, Using Multiple

                                                     Families Group for Social Networking

                                                     with Geriatrics in Nursing Homes:

                                                    A New Look at an Old Problem, with

                                                    Tom Saunders, PhD and Marybeth

                                                     Weigand, MA, through the Multiple

                                                    Family Group Therapy ResourceCenter

                                                    and read, The Coliseum Model of

                                                    MFGT, by Lewis N. Foster.   


  h. anger/rage                         Read, Cry Anger, by Jack Birnbaum,

                                                    MD, Paper Jacks, LTD, NY, 1987.


  j. schizophrenia                     Read, A Family Psychoeducation

                                                   Model of MFGT and the Management

                                                  of Schizophrenia, by Lewis N.

                                                  Foster.  This model was develop-

                                                  ed by William McFarlane, MD.

                                                  Also, read articles #25 & #36.


To use timing, pacing            Read, Timing, Pacing and Tracking

and tracking in MFGT.         Interventions in MFGT, by, Lewis N.

                                                  Foster.  Discuss with trainer.


An understanding of the       Read, Outpatient Multiple Family

difference between               Group Therapy -- Why Not?, by

inpatient and outpatient      Norman L. and Betty B. Paul, Group

MFGT.                                   and Family Therapy 1981.

                                                Read, Intensive Outpatient MFGT.

                                                Observe 12 hours each of IP & OP

                                                MFGT.  Co lead one half of each if

                                                possible.  Document. Read Simulated

                                                Back To Work Conference.


To know how MFGT is used      Watch the video tape, A MFGT Model

at a Children's Home by              for Social Worker's at Children's

Social Workers.                           Homes, and read, Multiple-Family

                                                      Therapy, by John Howe, MSW, CCSW.


To know how MFGT is used      Compare theories learned so far

in the treatment of PTSD.          and discuss PTSD with trainer.


To know how MFGT is used      Attend a workshop on MFGT with

with HIV/AIDS Patients.           HIV/AIDS patients.  Take the Red

                                                       Cross HIV/AIDS course.  Discuss

                                                       with trainer.


To know how to use MFGT       Attend a workshop on the Coliseum

with geriatrics.                            Model of MFGT with Tom Saunders,

                                                       PhD, & Marybeth Weigand, MS.

                                                        A House Divided by Tom Saunders, PhD

                                                        Some Thoughts On Community by Tom Saunders, PhD

                                                        The Canary in the Coal Mine by Tom Saunders, PhD

                                                        The Fall Guy by Tom Saunders, PhD


To experience and under-      Read, Fishing for Barracuda, by

stand being part of a              Joel S. Bergman, PhD, W.W. Norton

MFGT treatment team,         Company, NY, 1985.

getting healthy support,        Review, Role of the Therapist in

and taking care of self.          MFGT.

                                                 Go through a Ropes Course or

                                                  Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

                                                 experience with other therapists

                                                and trainer if possible.  

                                                 Read: A Paradigm Shift at the Round Pen


To recognize and treat        Attend a Cultural Issues workshop

different cultures in             that is appropriate for this

MFGT.                                   setting.  Identify reading material

                                               with the trainer.

NOTE:  Substitutions are acceptable.  Courses, books read, experiences, articles written or workshops attended that deal with the specific subject matter can be substituted by the trainer.

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