A Device for Deciding Individual Responsibility


 DIRECTIONS:  Read the questions before you begin writing your answers on a separate piece of paper.  Both parents (if possible) need to work together.  Bring your work to our next session.  Do NOT discuss this with your adolescent.


 1.  Do you think your family member in treatment needs to take on more responsibility around the house?


2.  Will your son/daughter use an automobile?  If yes:

    a.  Who is responsible for paying for gas?

    b.  Who is responsible for making the car payment?

    c.  Who is responsible for making the insurance payments?

    d.  Who will maintain the up-keep of the car?

        (washing & waxing, oil change, new tires, tune-up, etc.)


3.  Will your son/daughter be responsible for household chores?

    a.  Who will clean your son/daughter's room? (Make the bed, pick-up and keep orderly, dust, vacuum, etc..)

    b.  Who will be responsible for doing your son/daughter's laundry?

    c.  Who will be responsible for:  cooking; washing dishes; sweeping floors; taking out the trash; mopping; setting the table; cleaning the table; etc.

    d.  Who will take responsibility for cleaning other areas of the house:  living room; halls; bathrooms; other bedrooms; den; garage; etc..


4.  Who will be responsible for yard work?

    a.  Who will mow the grass?

    b.  Who will rake the leaves?

    c.  Who will trim the hedges?

    d.  Who will work in the garden?, etc.


5.  Who will be responsible for providing your son/daughter money and paying his/her expenses?

    a.  Will your son/daughter work?

    b.  If so, how many hours a week and under what conditions?

    c.  Who will pay for the following:  food; rent; telephone; school lunches; dates & entertainment; clothes; school (tuition, books, fees, etc?)


6.  Will your son/daughter have a curfew?

    a.  What time will he/she be home?

    b.  How often will he/she go out?

    c.  Will there be any limits on where and who he/she can go with?


7.  Are there any expectations around school?

    a.  Will your son/daughter attend school?

    b.  What grade level do you expect them to complete?

    c.  What do you expect of his/her behavior while at school?

    d.  Will there be a set time to complete homework, etc.?

    e.  What expectations do you have around grades?


8.  Will you approve the use of alcohol or other mood altering drugs by your son/daughter?

    a.  Will you allow them to use drugs while living in your home?

    b.  Will you support your son/daughter's drug use if he/she is on his/her own?

    c.  Do you think it is okay for your son/daughter under age 21 to use alcohol?


9.  Have you thought of the types of consequences available to you if your son/daughter fails to follow through with any agreed

    upon responsibility?  If so, what are they?  Under what conditions will consequences be enforced?


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