1994 by Lewis N. Foster



                        JOHN BRADSHAW

                        ERIK ERIKSON *

                        JEAN PIAGET ()

                        SIGMUND FREUD


*Late Adulthood    I Have Wisdom

Integrity Vs.      I Can Accept Myself Completely

Despair            I Am One With All


*Middle            I Have Personal Power

Adulthood          I Can Create and Produce

Generativity Vs.   I Can Take Care of the Next Generation

Stagnation         I Am Committed to Life


                   I Have Another Person Who Affirms

*Early               My Inner Sense of Self

Adulthood          I Can Love

Intimacy Vs.       I Can Be Totally Close and Totally Separate

Isolation          I Am Intimate with Self and Another



12-21 Years        I Have An Inner Sense of Who I Am

*Identity VS.      I Can Regenerate

Identity           I Can Be Faithful To A Person or Cause

Confusion          I Am Unique

                                            (Formal Operations)

  LATENCY         I Have Competence            11-up years

6-12 Years         I Have Limits          

*Industry Vs.      I Can Be Skillful           

Inferiority        I Can Think and Learn    (Concrete Stage)

                   I Am Capable                 7-11 years


  PHALLIC         I Have Conscience

3-6 Years          I Have Purpose and Value    

*Initiative Vs.    I Can Imagine and Feel      

Guilt              I Am Sexual                    

                   I Am Someone                 (Preoperational


  ANAL            I Have Limits                    2-7 years

12 Mos - 3 Yrs     I Have Willpower

*Autonomy Vs.      I Can Be Separate

Shame and Doubt    I Can Be Curious and Explore and Do

                   I Am Me


  ORAL            I Have Hope

0-12 Months        I Can Just Be             (Sensorimotor Stage)

*Trust Vs.         I Can Trust You                0-2 years

Mistrust           I Am You


 Psychoanalyst Erick Erikson whose theories of personality development and adolescent "identity crisis" transformed the field of psychology and held particular appeal for the restless youth of the 1960's, died in May 1994 at age 91.
    Erickson, a psychoanalyst who wrote a Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of Mohandas Gandhi and books on the lives of Jesus, Martin Luther and Albert Einstein, died of an infection while in a nursing home in Harwich, Mass.
    The German-born Erikson was a disciple of Sigmund Freud but emphasized social relationships rather than sexual needs as the key to growing up, and developed a theory that life is divided into eight crucial stages.
    Each stage, as seen in the chart above marked by an "*", starting from infancy, has its own unique psychological struggles that shape personalities, he said.

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