Questions To Be Answered by the Supervisor

Prior To Beginning Training and Supervision

1994 by Lewis N. Foster


1.  What are my (agency) standards and criteria for counselors?

2.  Does the trainee need to complete an application for employment or application for supervision?

3.  Did I get a resume'?

4.  Do I have copies of any licenses or certifications?

5.  Do I need an employment record from the trainee?

6.  Do I have emergency telephone numbers from the trainee?

7.  Do I need to complete reference checks and get a written response?

8.  Do I need a written statement from the college instructor, the student, and professor acknowledging the student's placement?

9.  Do I need a written statement between me the professor and trainee agreeing to the supervisory process?

10. Have I gotten a signed Confidentiality Agreement?

11. Has a cumulative record of the trainees' training and experience been created for the supervision?  (If it isn't written and filed correctly - it doesn't exist and it never happened.)

12. Has the supervisor and trainee (student) received a copy of the College Field Education Supervisor's Handbook, and understand it?  If there is one.

13. Have accountability forms between the school, student and supervisor been completed?

14. Does the trainee have or need liability insurance and do I have a certificate of this coverage for the file?

15. Do I have an approved intent to be supervised form signed which came from the state certifying body (if applicable)?

16. Have I negotiated a supervision contract with the trainee which clearly states the terms of supervision, and has a copy been sent to the state certifying body (if applicable)?

17. Have I created a file for all the above information?

18. What is the trainees' definition of intake?

19. What standard measures does he/she like to use?

20. Can the trainee recognize potential problems they may encounter during the intake process?

21. Can the trainee explain the right of confidentiality to a client and the four exceptions?

22. Does the trainee know how to document consent for treatment?


Clayton, L.O., VanNostrand, R. The Professional Alcohol and Drug Counselor Supervisor's Handbook.  Learning Publications, Inc., Holmes Beach, FL, 1993. 1-800-222-1525. $14.95.

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