Questions To Ask When Screening

Potential MFGT Trainees

1994 by Lewis N. Foster


1.  What makes this trainee appropriate for me to supervise?

    a.  Is there an educational level required?

2.  Do I have time to supervise the trainee?

3.  Is this trainee an adult child from a dysfunctional family trying to "fix the world?"  (the codependency factor)

4.  Is the trainee trying to avoid dealing with problems by defocusing on someone else?

5.  Is the trainee trying to get counseling for himself by watching other people being treated or by learning to treat others?  (therapeutic voyeurs)

6.  Do I need, or want, to know if the trainee has ever been a defendant in a malpractice suit?

7.  What is the trainee's psychological health?

8.  Is the trainee a student and what obligations will I have to the college or university?

9.  If the trainee is a former client can I be objective? Will there be any malpractice liability?

10. Will I charge the trainee for supervision?

11. Am I, or my agency, the most appropriate training facility for this trainee?

12. If the trainee is recovering, is there a specified period of sobriety required by me or my agency?

13. What is the trainee's definition of screening?

14. Does the trainee know what factors makes a client appropriate for treatment in an agency like this one?

15. Does the trainee know what factors make this agency the most appropriate for clients?

16. Does the trainee know what factors are important to evaluate during the screening process?

17. How would the trainee take into consideration the denial process of a client during screening?


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