The Evolution of
Multiple Family Group Therapy

Year of
First Use
Founder & Model

1950 - 1979 H. Peter Laqueur MD (1909-1979)
Multiple Family Therapy with
His Schizophrenic Patients


1963 Norman L. Paul MD & Betty B. Paul LICSW
Outpatient Multiple Family Therapy


1964 Alexander P. Hyde, MD (1925-2011)
Treatment & Rehabilitation of the
Mentally Ill in MFGT


1965 Murray Bowen's MD Model of
Multiple Family Therapy

1967 George H. Orvin, MD (1922-2014)
MFGT with Adolescents


1968 William R. McFarlane MD
Family Psychoeducation and the
Management of Schizophrenia


1975 Tom Saunders, PhD
Coliseum Model of MFGT


1976 L. Ray McKamy
Treatment of Alcoholism in MFGT

1976 Gerald Epstein
Lawrence Weitz
Barbara Wallston
Stephen Abramowitz
MFGT and Grief

1977 Edward Kaufman
Pauline Kaufmann
MFGT With Drug Abusers

1978 Carl Cohen
June Corwin
Balance Theory and MFGT

1979 H.A. Abramson
M.M. Peshkin
MFGT With Asthma Patients (Children)

1980 Melvin Lansky
Carol Bley
Geneva McVey
Bonnie Brothman
Aftercare Multiple Family Groups

1981 Yael Danieli - Isreal
MFGT With Holocaust Survivors


1981 Lewis N. Foster
MFGT with Chemically Dependent
& Other At-Risk Families


1981 Leslie Kadis
Ruth McClendon
Redecision Therapy in MFGT

1982 John Lovern
Joseph Zohn
Milton Erickson Approaches

1983-2006 Linda Greenberg

MFGT with Families of Emotionally Disturbed Children in Hospital-based Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (Montreal, Canada)


1985 Patrick Carnes
Understand Us Model of
Psychoeducation and MFGT


1987 Nick Belsky
MFGT with Adolescents in
Inpatient Chemical Dependency


1987 Tommie Parker
John Hill
Gary Miller
MFGT and Retarded Adolescents


1988 Viviane Durell
Adolescents In MFGT In A School Setting


1988 Michele Murburg
Lawrence Price
Behnaz Jalali
MFGT and Huntington's Disease


1992 John Howe
The Use of MFGT by Social
Worker's at Children's Homes


1993 Tom Saunders & Marybeth Weigand
Using Multiple Families Group
for Social Networking with
Geriatrics in Nursing Homes

1993 Larry Conant
MFGT in the Public School System

1993 Lewis N. Foster
MFTG with HIV/AIDS Patients

1993 Terry & Alice Grabow & Ed Courtney
The Family Awareness Program:
Strengthening Society, Families,

1994 Peggy Keilholtz
Understanding Us Model
Adapted for Addicted Families

1994 Jim A. Holder
The Use of Perceptual Adjustment
Therapy in MFGT


1995 Mary McKernan McKay & Donna R. Baptiste
MFTG with Inner City Families


1995 The North Carolina Multiple Family Group Therapy Networking Newsletter

Natalie Boorman, MSW, Editor and Founder


 1997 Tim L. Davey
MFGT With Homeless Families
In Shelters


1999 Families' Fix-it Night -- An Empowerment Program for Families

Natalie Boorman, MSW

2002 National Association for Multiple Family Group Therapy

Chapel Hill, NC -- Natalie Boorman, MSW, Founder



2005 Javier Sempere, MD, Psychiatrist and Claudio Fuenzalia, Psychologist

The Interfamily Therapy Model of MFGT

Asociación Salut Mental (ASM)

Centre de Teràpia Interfamiliar (CTI)

C/ Alcalde Juan Hernández Rizo 53 bajo 2

Elche 03203, España



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